Yay Or Nay? Liberty Walk’s Widebody Lexus LC500 Eschews Elegance For Badassery

If you’re a fan of the exterior styling of the Lexus LC, you may want to look away now. However, if you like the widebody conversions of Japanese tuner Liberty Walk, this LC500 might be right up your alley.

The Lexus LC500 is rightly considered as one of the most beautiful cars on the market. From its proportions to the more intricate details, there are few, if any, ways to make it look even better. Liberty Walk is clearly not shy when it comes to modifying exotics, though, and while its widebody kit for the LC500 isn’t the most insane we’ve seen from them, it certainly makes the Lexus stand out even more than usual.

For starters, the Japanese grand tourer has been equipped with an AirRex suspension, which means it can be lowered down at the touch of a button and raised back up when you want to go for a drive.

Liberty Walk has then installed an eye-catching front splitter as well as flared wheel arches and new side skirt extensions. Adding to the striking exterior looks are a set of matte black six-spoke wheels that perfectly fill out the arches.

Completing the modifications is a large ducktail-style rear spoiler, a new carbon fiber diffuser and quad titanium tailpipes.

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