VW Golf GTI Hits Skoda Swerving Into Lane At Over 230km/h On Autobahn

While driving down the Autobahn at high speeds can be a thrilling experience, you need to always remain alert as things can go wrong very quickly. Just ask the driver of this VW Golf GTI.

This clip was posted up to YouTube last month and was filmed by an action camera the driver of the Golf GTI was wearing on his head at the time. The driver can be seen accelerating to just over 230 km/h before he starts to get into trouble.

Traveling in the left-most lane of the Autobahn, the VW driver notices a Skoda in the middle lane starting to swerve into the left lane, presumably to overtake a couple of cars ahead. The driver of the Golf immediately starts flashing his high beams at the Skoda in order to alert its driver.

After flashing the high beams, the Golf driver realizes that it’s not going to work and jumps onto the brakes. The Skoda continues into the left lane, forcing the cammer to swerve to the left to try and avoid contact. Unfortunately, he is unable to and the Golf ends up hitting the side of the Skoda.

It’s hard to determine exactly how much damage was done, but we can see that both the wing mirrors of the VW and the Skoda have been wrecked. A large scrape on the side of the Skoda is also visible.

There’s little doubt that the Skoda driver is to blame for the crash. However, the VW driver could have reduced the impact by immediately reducing their speed rather than flashing the high beams. When driving on the Autobahn, it can also be a good idea to be extra careful and mindful of vehicles at your right, just in case they change lanes in front of you.


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