This Single Cab, Short Bed GMC Sierra Looks Oddly Appealing

A group of enthusiasts in the U.S. have created a one-off 2020 GMC Sierra with a single cab and a short bed.

GMC doesn’t actually sell the Sierra in this configuration, so YouTuber TheBulletWS6 had to do it himself. The video below shows the completed project, but there are a host of other videos on his YouTube channel detailing the build process of the truck.

The finished result is very impressive. With the new bed, the truck has a very short wheelbase and looks perfectly proportionate – and certainly much sportier than the standard-length bed that this Sierra left the factory with.

In addition to reducing the size of the bed, the builders have fitted the truck with a set of aftermarket gold wheels and lowered the ride height to give it a mean and aggressive stance on the road. The truck has also been given a custom paint job that makes it even more eye-catching.

This clip provides some rolling shots of the modified Sierra, as well as some glamour shots. We’ve got little doubt that it will turn a lot of heads on the road and drop a lot of jaws. While we like the way this truck’s appearance, we think it could be made even better with an engine swap that would give it the go to match its looks.


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