Porsche 911 GT3 Crashes Into Cyclist While Making Illegal Overtake

A video has captured the moment a Porsche 911 GT3 slams into a cyclist while making an illegal overtake in Colombia.

Footage shared online shows a car following a cyclist who was going down a twisty road. The cyclist can be seen riding along the center of the road, seemingly frustrating the motorists behind him.

Before long, a red 911 GT3 overtakes the car filming and the cyclist. A white 911 GT3 tries to follow the red GT3 in crossing over the double yellow lines and overtaking the cyclist. However, the white Porsche ends up hitting the cammer before slamming into the cyclist from behind. This impact sends the cyclist crashing off his bike while the Porsche spins to a stop in the center of the road.

Responsabilidades compartidas entre el Kia y el Porsche en este accidente. Prudencia en las vías, muchachos.

Posted by Blogaraje on Sunday, October 18, 2020

Moments later, a Hyundai Santa Fe pulls into frame. According to Facebook page Blogaraje, the Porsche and the Hyundai made contact just before the 911 came into view of the camera. Images show that one of the Santa Fe’s front wheels was ripped off from the impact.

Speaking with local media outlet Blu Radio, the cyclist said he didn’t suffer any serious injuries but did get some nasty lacerations.

A video posted to Twitter just prior to the crash shows the two GT3s, as well as a black 911, overtaking other slow-moving vehicles on the same piece of road. Evidently, the drivers didn’t have the patience to sit behind other vehicles or the cyclist.

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