Koenisegg Jesko Hydra Will Be An Incredible One-Off With Purple Flakes In Its Carbon Skin

The Koenigsegg Jesko will be one of the fastest vehicles on the planet when customer deliveries begin and these renderings showcase a stunning one-off example that will be among the planned production run of 125 units.

Dubbed the Koenigsegg Jesko Hydra, this example has been ordered by a young entrepreneur in the U.S. and gets its name from the Lernaean Hydra, a serpentine water monster in Greek and Roman mythology with nine heads. This name was chosen because the Jesko has a nine-speed transmission.

The exterior finish is the first thing that stands out. We’ve seen automakers like Koenigsegg perfect the art of colored carbon fiber in recent years but the Jesko Hydra goes one step further and rather than having colored carbon fiber, instead has gloss carbon fiber with purple flakes. It looks pretty amazing in these renderings and we’re sure will be even more spectacular in person.

Elsewhere, the Jesko Hydra includes some accents that have been painted purple, including the brake calipers and on the rear wing endplates. Speaking of the rear wing, the car includes the same roof-mounted wing as other Jesko models but also features a carbon fiber shark fin to add to the wild looks.

Inside, the personalization continues with purple stitching across the seats and headliner. There is also a unique Hydra emblem on the headrests and purple accents on the steering wheel.

It remains unclear just how much a Jesko with this many custom touches will cost but it will probably exceed $4 million and not arrive for another two years.

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As the head of product design at @bru.mate, I have such an appreciation for innovation and design that makes the Jesko so incredibly unique to me. While working with @lmm23design I wanted to create a name that embodied the engineering marvel Christian and the team unveiled in the new LST. The 9-speed, 7-clutch gearbox presented the perfect opportunity to name the car after the Lernaean Hydra, a Greek mythological creature with 9 heads. The spec we put together is the most unique Koenigsegg spec ever made. From the custom aero, to the exposed carbon with purple flakes, this Jesko is going to be truly one of a kind and I cannot wait for it to land here in the US. “Updated steering wheel design can be found in my story highlights” #koenigsegg #koenigseggjesko #jesko

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