2021 BMW M440i xDrive Looks Odd And Feels Heavy

On paper, the new 2021 M440i xDrive looks to be a superb sports coupe. After all, it offers performance not far off the previous-generation M4. However, do figures from the spec sheet translate into a vehicle that’s actually enjoyable to drive? Throttle House recently put one to the test to find out.

Powering the M440i is BMW’s familiar B58 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six that powers a host of models, including the Z4 and the Toyota Supra. However, BMW has fitted this engine with a mild-hybrid 48-volt starter-generator that adds 11 hp, bringing total power up to 380 hp. As the name of the car suggests, it features an xDrive all-wheel drive system. It also has an eight-speed automatic transmission and hits 62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.7 seconds.

This review was conducted in the rain and, despite the less-than-ideal conditions, both presenters were impressed with the performance that the car provides. The mild-hybrid system also means the start/stop system works incredibly smoothly and actually shuts off the engine before you come to a stop.

Additionally, the engine performs well throughout the entire rev range and the transmission shifts through the gears very quickly. The xDrive AWD system is also excellent and has a new rear-wheel bias that allows you to have a decent amount of fun behind the wheel. Not everything is good, however. Most notably, the M440i xDrive is quite heavy and is larger than the previous-generation 4-Series, which has a negative impact on its handling.


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