VW Boss Admits To Having Driven Tesla Model Y, Calls It A “Reference”

VW Group boss Herbert Diess met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in Germany earlier this week, giving Musk the chance to test drive the ID.3, while also inspecting the upcoming ID.4 crossover.

After the meeting, Diess took to LinkedIn in order to speak about how things went down, thanking the Tesla boss for the visit and playfully mentioning that if he wants to try something more sporty than the ID.3, the VW Group also offers a little something called the Porsche Taycan.

In a later post, Diess added the fact that he himself got to drive the Tesla Model Y, together with one of his colleagues, and came away extremely impressed.

“Of course I also tested a Tesla Model Y – with my colleague Frank Welsch,” said Diess. “This car is for us in many aspects (not in all!) a reference: user experience, updatability, driving features, performance of the top of the range models, charging network, range. Big advantage: Model Y was/is thought through as an electric car – as is the ID.3. Many of our competitors [are] still using their ICE platforms. The result: They aren’t getting the best EVs.”

Sounds to us like a pretty fair and accurate assessment regarding where Tesla is at the moment with not just their Model Y, but their entire range, compared to VW. The German carmaker does however believe it can catch up to its American rival within the next few years in terms of production as well as available technology.

As for any type of collaboration between Tesla and VW, Diess shot down rumors yesterday by stating that him and Musk just drove the ID.3 around and had a chat, adding that “there is no deal/cooperation in the making.”

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