Uber Using VW e-Golf For Sustainable Ride Hailing Project In Germany

Uber and VW have teamed up on a new ride hailing project based in Berlin dubbed ‘Uber Green’. The project is centered around the VW e-Golf, which serves as a zero-emission alternative to internal combustion engined cars.

Uber said they will use a number of year-old e-Golfs, which may run into three digits. VW meanwhile has been using the e-Golf successfully for its own car sharing service ‘We Share’ since 2018.

“Through our cooperation with Uber, we are helping improve air quality in urban areas with our locally carbon-neutral electric vehicles. In addition, with the demanding continuous operation of battery-electric vehicles in a ride hailing service, we will gain valuable experience which we will be able to use for future vehicles,” said VW brand sales and marketing exec Holger B. Santel.

Earlier this month, Uber announced its plan to become a zero-emission mobility platform by 2040, with all of its rides using either zero-emission vehicles, public transport or micro-mobility offerings.

The company also wants 100% of its rides in the United States, Canada and Europe to be in electric vehicles by 2030, with Uber Green having already launched in more than 15 U.S. and Canadian cities.

“We are pleased to have gained Volkswagen, one of the world’s leading drivers for e-mobility, as a partner for our intermediation platform. Electric vehicles from Volkswagen are a perfect match for our sustainable “Uber Green” concept,” said Uber’s Christoph Weigler.

As for Volkswagen, they’re looking to offer electric cars in all major segments by 2022 in a bid to become the world leader in e-mobility. The VW brand alone expects to produce some 1.5 million “e-cars” within the next five years.

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