TechArt Releases A Host Of Carbon Parts For The Porsche 911

TechArt has unveiled a host of new upgrades for the latest Porsche 911, giving the iconic German sports car a more unique feel. The array of new parts all share one thing in common and that is the fact that they are made from lightweight carbon fiber.

Kicking off the range of accessories are carbon fiber wing mirrors for the sports car, new front air intakes, a revised rear decklid and air intake, and an available carbon fiber rear wing. Customers can choose to have these carbon parts in a gloss finish or with a matte finish. The tuner also offers various colors of tinted-carbon fiber.

Elsewhere, TechArt has fabricated carbon fiber exhaust tips for the 911 that are also offered in high gloss and matte flavors.

For customers that want to really stand out, TechArt has also introduced a host of forged carbon fiber for the Porsche. Lamborghini first developed forged carbon fiber with the Callaway Golf Company a decade ago and since then, other car manufacturers and tuners have started to use the innovative material.

TechArt offers a host of accessories in forged carbon fiber. This includes a full forged carbon hood, NACA air ducts for the 911 GT3 RS, rear decklid, various air intakes, and more. The tuner also offers a host of carbon fiber parts to spruce up the cabin of 911 models, including bespoke door entry guards, interior trims and panels, seat backpanels, steering wheel trims, and more.

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