RevoZport’s Tesla Model X Goes For The Confused Electric Hatchback Look

It’s not always a good idea to tune an SUV, as it might end up looking like a hatchback on stilts. So, meet the Tesla Model X from RevoZport’s R-Zentric division, which is equipped with their ‘Model XR’ kit.

Inspired by the Model 3R Evo, it sports a carbon fiber composite aero pack consisting of the new vented hood, front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and an tailgate-mounted active rear wing with a two-piece design that looks like a one-piece part when lowered.

The tuner claims that these upgrades improve the airflow, provide extra downforce and do not create much drag, whereas the 25 mm (1 in) front and 35 mm (1.4 in) rear widened tracks on each side accommodate the new wheels. The custom-made forged alloys measure 9×22 inches at the front and 11×22 inches at the rear and are shod in 265/35 and 315/30 tires from Michelin with special branding.

Some may remember that a few years ago, RevoZport introduced another upgrade kit for the Model X, and they haven’t forgotten about the owners of those cars, who can ordered the XR extended kit from $3,900. This comprises of the widened fenders, new side skirts and front and rear canards, which give the electric SUV a fresh appearance by mirroring the looks of the new proposal.


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