Prosecutors Charge Eight More VW Employees Over Diesel Scandal

Prosecutors in Germany have charged another eight Volkswagen employees in relation to the company’s diesel emissions scandal.

German prosecutors revealed that the managers and engineers were indicted on charges they engaged in fraud and other crimes between 2006 and 2015. While the eight employees have not been named, they are thought to include high-ranking managers.

The charges relate to Volkswagen manipulating diesel engines to meet emissions standards around the globe. More specifically, the eight latest VW Group employees charged, aged between 50 and 70, are alleged to be responsible for embezzlement and tax evasion, or for aiding and abetting these crimes, Auto News reports.

The Brunswick prosecutor’s office in the state of Lower Saxony added the eight are charged with fraud, false certification and violation of the law against unfair competition. They are also accused of encouraging, supporting or at least not preventing the installation of illegal software in the engine management system of VW’s diesel vehicles despite knowing the software was illegal.

“By marketing the wrong test results, the company’s sales were influenced – as were the bonus payments of the accused,” prosecutors added in a statement to The Detroit News. “A technically more elaborate and more expensive engine meeting the emission limits would have sold badly.”

A number of high-ranking executives from the Volkswagen Group will soon head to trial. Most notably, VW’s former chief executive Martin Winterkorn will stand trial with four other former colleagues who are accused of fraud, tax evasion, and fraudulent advertising. Former Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler will also face trial next week.

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