Lynk & Co European Debut Centered On 01 Model And Mobility Membership

Lynk & Co is making its way into Europe having just announced their mobility membership plan and sharing some new images of their 01 car, their first model made available to European buyers.

You can sign up to be a member for €500 ($585) per month, costs which you can then lower if you share your car. You can also sign up for a free membership and only pay when you borrow a car if you don’t need one of your own.

Insurance, scheduled maintenance and access to the car sharing platform are all included in the membership.

As far as purchasing a vehicle, you’ll be able to do so either online or offline at one of the carmaker’s clubs – in select markets you can have the car delivered to your address.

“Today we introduce a new approach to ownership and mobility. We’re offering a radical solution for a new generation of connected customers who want mobility on their terms. The automotive industry has continued with a distribution and ownership model that has existed for 100 years. We’re changing that. Customers today value products that reflect their digital and ever-changing lifestyle.”

“We are Lynk & Co and our aim is to simplify ownership by innovating and redefining how cars are bought, owned, connected, serviced, and used,” concluded the company’s CEO, Alain Visser.

The shared platform created for members will allow them to manage bookings, share the car’s location and send a digital key from their smartphones and in the car. Of course, it all starts with the 01 model, available with both plug-in hybrid and regular hybrid powertrains.

There’s no options list either, as the car comes with all of its features already included. The only choice customers will have to make is the color (black or blue) and powertrain (PHEV or HEV).

Inside the 01 you get a large central touchscreen, online navigation, third-party apps, a social media camera and its own cloud. The 01 runs on Volvo’s CMA architecture (same one that underpins the Volvo XC40), capable of accommodating multiple body styles and sizes.

You’ll be able to visit Lynk & Co stores (or Clubs as the carmaker calls them) later on this autumn. The first to open will be in Amsterdam, followed by one in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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