Listen To The 2021 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring’s Naturally Aspirated Boxer Engine – Is That A PDK Gearbox?

Porsche has been spotted testing the upcoming 911 GT3, this time in its purest Touring specification which proved so popular with customers in the previous generation.

The German carmaker went to great lengths to ensure that the new generation 911 GT3 will continue using a naturally aspirated flat-six engine, despite the ever stricter emission regulations in a bid to offer what’s seen as the perfect driver’s 911.

The engine itself is going to be a development of the 4.0-liter six-cylinder unit that powered the last 911 Speedster and was already fitted with the obligatory petrol particulate filters. In the 911 Speedster, power was rated at 502 HP and 346 lb-ft (469 Nm) of torque, with the new 992 GT3 expected to offer around 520 HP.

Unlike the previous model, the new GT3 Touring is expected to be offered with both a six-speed manual transmission and a PDK transmission option, judging from the automatic test car filmed here by Automotive Mike, and will share the same exact bodywork with the regular GT3 sans the fixed rear wing.

Porsche’s test cars have been running around lately with pretty light camouflage that’s focused more on small details around the bumpers, giving us a pretty clear idea of what the new 911 GT3 will look like. Aside from the different, more aggressive bumpers front and rear, the 992-based GT3 will employ wider fenders, a set of center-lock wheels shod in sticky tires, and will of course sit much lower towards the ground.

Andreas Preuninger, Porsche GT division’s boss, has promised that the 992 GT3 won’t be heavier than the previous model and that they’ll try to keep the naturally aspirated engine alive for as much as possible. With that said, it’s understood that the upcoming 992 GT3 and GT3 RS models will be the last model to feature such an engine before regulations force it to retire.

Porsche is expected to finally reveal the new 911 GT3 and its Touring variant towards the end of the year, so stay tuned.


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