Hyundai Collaborates With BTS For ‘IONIQ: I’m On It’ Music Project

If you thought that the only thing missing as far as Hyundai was concerned, was its recently launched IONIQ sub-brand getting its own dedicated music video, well, hold onto your dancing shoes.

With a little help from BTS, Hyundai will soon unveil ‘IONIQ: I’m On It’, a music video based on a song that you can already listen to, since it was just uploaded to the carmaker’s YouTube page. However, until September 2nd, you’ll have to make do with the lyric video alone.

The music video will also feature Hyundai’s Prophecy concept, which was unveiled in March. So if you’re not in it for the music (and let’s face it, few will be), maybe seeing more of that concept might be of interest.

“I hope Hyundai and BTS’s new collaboration song encourages the band’s global fan base as well as our customers to draw their attention to Hyundai’s vision for clean mobility, which is being realized through the new IONIQ EV brand,” said Hyundai marketing boss Wonhong Cho.

Hyundai plans on introducing three new EVs through its IONIQ sub-brand over the coming four years, with even more models planned for further down the road. The initial three will be the Ioniq 5, 6 and 7, with even numbers used for sedans and odd ones for crossovers.

The first model to launch will be the 5 mid-size crossover that’s based on 45 EV Concept) and will arrive in early 2021, with the Prophecy concept-based 6 sedan to follow a year later. A large Ioniq 7 SUV will arrive in early 2024.


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