Haval Chulian Crossover Hopes You Fall In Love At First Sight

The Haval Chulian is yet another one of Great Wall Motors’ novelties presented at this year’s Beijing Auto Show, and its name literally translates to “First Love”, hence the tiny red heart on its license plate.

This is actually the successor to the Haval H2, which was really starting to show its age. The Chulian will take over now as the carmaker’s new entry-level crossover, although it remains to be seen how many customers will actually fall in love with it.

The Chulian will go on sale in China this November, offering buyers an all-round reasonably modern package, from styling to on-board tech and even the one available power unit.

Its appearance is pretty basic, although the front fascia does come with a set of bold-looking headlights, shaped like an inverted horizontal snake tooth. The light signature should be pretty wild.

The rear meanwhile is more conservative. The tail lights share a common design with the headlights, while the Haval brand name is plastered heavily all over the tailgate. This is by no means a spectacular crossover, but we’ve definitely seen worse looking ones as far as entry-level offerings go – especially in China.

Inside, you get a digital gauge cluster, a large dashboard-mounted touchscreen display for the infotainment system, stitching on the upper dash and what looks like the cutout for a HUD system (head-up display).

Power, as per CarNewsChina, comes from a sole 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, producing 156 HP.

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