From Faux Wood Grilles To Carbon Decals, Honda Access Has Your New N-One Kei Car Covered

Honda Access wastes no time in releasing genuine accessories for the all-new N-One, even though the kei car is not on sale yet in Japan.

The Japanese automaker’s accessories division has released information on the first genuine parts offered for the microcar, accompanied by exemplifying pictures. The idea behind the genuine parts offered by Honda Access is to enhance the differences between the new N-One’s three trim levels: Original, Premium and RS.

Starting off with the base Original model, Honda Access offers a center stripe decal in matte gray running along the bonnet and roof, as well as a carbon-mimicking decal on the front grille. Pinstripes running along the waistline and custom Modulo wheels also seem to be part of the package.

Honda Access genuine accessories showcased on the 2021 N-One RS

On the N-One Premium, Honda Access highlights two features: the wood-mimicking front grille decal and chrome plated lower garnish on the front bumper and above the side sills. The door handles and mirror caps are color-matched as well.

Finally, the sporty Honda N-One RS can be further personalized courtesy of a crystal black pearl front lower garnish and fuel lid garnish in dark chrome plating combined with black paint. Mind you, the latter part does not seem to be exclusive to the N-One RS, as the other two cars are pictured with it as well.

For now, these are all the genuine accessories Honda Access was willing to showcase but rest assured more parts are on the way, including for the interior and possibly of the performance-enhancing kind too.

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