Fancy A McLaren Senna? This One’s Heading To Auction With Just 95 Miles

The McLaren Senna is a serious bit of kit, and one particularly stylish example is being auctioned off by Mecum during its October 15-17 event in Dallas, Texas.

McLaren built just 500 examples of the ‘regular’ Senna, excluding subsequent GTR, LM and Can-Am variants. This one has only been driven for 95 miles (153 km) and seems to be in perfect condition.

Adorning the exterior is a shade of Pure White, but making the track-focused hypercar stand out are Azure Blue accents on the fenders, front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and brake calipers. This Senna has also been equipped with a Bowers and Wilkins 7-speaker audio system that was a $5,680 factory option.

Speaking of the interior, the listing shows it is bathed in carbon fiber and Alcantara and sports Azure Blue struts for the dihedral doors. It also features carbon fiber sills with the McLaren logo finished in blue.

If you’re wondering why the vehicle’s stance looks a little strange in these photos, that’s simply due to the fact that someone forgot to drop the front lift system that helps the car get over speed bumps and up driveways without scraping its precious carbon fiber splitter and undertray.

While the Senna has proven itself to be extraordinarily capable on a racetrack, it has faced some issues. Most notably, McLaren announced back in April that the Senna, as well as a host of other models such as the 720S, 570GT and McLaren GT, were being recalled over a fire risk.

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