Porschephiles Would Probably Hate This Apocalyptic 964

Like all Porsche 911s, the 964-generation is beloved thanks to its classic and simple design. This particular 964 is something different entirely.

Coming from Khyzyl Saleem, this wild 964 looks like the kind of 911 you would expect to see in a doomsday or apocalyptic film. It is lacking a host of body panels and if actually built for the street, it would upset many Porsche enthusiasts.

I was in a rather destructive mood & had zero f**ks to give . Unfortunately this 964 was on the receiving end…

Posted by Khyzyl Saleem on Thursday, August 20, 2020

The front of Saleem’s custom 964 is where most of the action is happening. Gone is the sports car’s traditional front fascia, replaced by a racing car-inspired splitter that’s much wider than the car itself. Elsewhere, the designer has created a set of slim HED headlights but has ditched the car’s standard hood. The front quarter panels have also been removed, revealing a set of aftermarket Rotiform wheels and a bespoke suspension setup.

The sides of the 964 are relatively standard apart from new skirts sitting below carbon fiber doors. Rather than fitting a set of massively flared rear wheel arches, Saleem looks to have retained the standard fenders but that didn’t stop him from slotting on a set of huge wheels that protrude at least 4 inches out of the bodywork. Finally, the rear end doesn’t feature a bumper anymore, though it does sport a carbon decklid and a thin LED light bar.

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