This C4 Corvette Is So Low It Can Actually Drift Under A Truck

The C4 Chevrolet Corvette is a very low sports car, although we doubt that, in stock form, it can drive under a semi-truck.

This Corvette is owned by an Instagram user with the very apt username of c4drifter and reportedly sits at a mere 43 inches (1.09 meters) tall, as opposed to the 46.7 inches (1,19 meters) of the standard car. With a healthy dose of right foot, it is also capable of some pretty nice drifts.

We’ve seen cars drifting and sliding under trucks in the past, including the Fast & Furious films. In addition, stunt driver Tanner Foust performed a beautiful J-turn under a truck roughly 12 months ago while driving a Genesis G70, although we suspect the truck’s suspension was raised up so the sports sedan could fit underneath it.

The trailer of this particular truck appears to be far lower and would clearly be far too low for pretty much any car on the market. In fact, it looks as though this ‘Vette is only just low enough to fit under.

A host of modifications have been made to this Corvette to make it so capable when driven beyond the limits of grip. Most notably, some obvious suspension changes have been made to lower the ride height while also allowing the driver to apply more steering lock than normal. In addition, the sports car has been equipped with a hydraulic handbrake so the rear end can be kicked out at a moment’s notice.




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When your car is only 43” you can do this

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