Detroit Police Drive Through Crowd Of Protesters, Throwing Some To The Ground

The Detroit Police Department is on the defensive as viral videos have shown a Police Interceptor Utility forcing its way through a crowd of protesters.

As you can see, the vehicle was surrounded by protesters and some appeared to climbing onto the hood.

The officer then lunges the vehicle forward as the crowd begins to scream. The vehicle briefly slows down and a couple people can be seen on the hood. As the crossover continues forward, one person falls off while another jumps onto the hood.

Videos contain NSFW language

The officer then floors it and one person is thrown to the ground. The vehicle then leaves as protesters chase after it.

Shortly thereafter, a second police vehicle drives through the crowd. While this appears much more peaceful, it looks like several objects were thrown at the crossover.

The Detroit News says the incident started as a peaceful protest which was being escorted by police. However, the department said some “agitators” caused things to escalate by jumping onto the hood.

Things quickly spiraled out of control as the officer was surrounded and the crowd turned violent. In particular, they said the vehicle’s rear window was “busted out.” Given the situation, the department said the officer tried to escape.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig held a briefing earlier today and said the officers did the right thing, given the situation. He also showed several pictures of the damaged police vehicles which had a broken rear window, a dented hood and a large scratch on the side.

He also said some of these protesters “did not represent peace,” and the officers feared for their safety.

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