This Wild Koenigsegg Ghost Hypercar Concept Was Penned By India’s TATA Motors Lead Designer

The Koenigsegg Jesko and Regera are the two hypercars currently making up the Swedish automaker’s family of models. According to company founder Christian von Koenigsegg, a more affordable hybrid supercar is also being developed. While the Swedish brand’s range is expected to stop there, designer Riccardo Angelini has imagined what the next hypercar from Koenigsegg could look like.

Dubbed the 81st Ghost, the vehicle was created as part of the ongoing Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge, an ongoing initiative launched by new Koenigsegg design boss Sasha Selipanov that has invited designers around the world to create their dream hypercars.

Angelini isn’t an online designer who spends all his time creating weird and wacky creations. In fact, he is actually the lead exterior designer at Tata Motors and somehow found the time in his schedule to create the 81st Ghost. The hypercar borrows some design cues from previous Koenigsegg models but for the most part is totally unique.

Perhaps the most obvious Koenigsegg design element of the car is the familiar cabin design made up of a double-bubble roof and a wraparound windscreen. The front also features bulging wheel arches and thin LED headlights. Looking at the sides of the hypercar it’s impossible not to notice the huge air tunnels that send air through the rear to increase downforce.

Speaking of the rear, it is dominated by a towering wing that doubles as a diffuser and includes LED taillights on the surrounds. There’s no way a car looking like this could be sold for the street but as a track-day special, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.





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