FCA Heritage And Mopar Start Producing Lancia Delta HF Integrale Bumpers Again

Owners of Lancia’s legendary Delta HF Integrale will drive their cars more relaxed from now on knowing that FCA Heritage and Mopar started recreating original spare parts for the iconic model.

As part of a project that recreates genuine parts for classic cars, FCA Heritage and Mopar have announced they began building bumpers for the Lancia Delta HF Integrale and Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione.

These will be the first products in the “Heritage Parts” catalog that will include faithfully reproduced spare parts for classic cars conceived and created by FCA Heritage and Mopar.

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Front and rear bumpers for the Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione are already available to order from the FCA Authorized Network or directly from the Mopar Store. The front bumper costs €1,300 ($1,440) while the rear bumper retails for €1,150 ($1,275). The bumpers for the Delta HF Integrale will become available on December 9 and will carry the same prices.

The parts are produced at the FCA plant in Grugliasco using the original molds preserved by FCA Manufacturing and original materials: Xenoi for the Evoluzione version and Pocan for the Integrale version. As a result, the parts ensure a perfect fit and enable the cars to remain compliant with current homologation regulations.

They bumpers are supplied unprimed as the materials do not require flame-polishing. Therefore, sandblasting before painting is the customer’s responsibility. If you have a Lancia Delta HF Integrale in need of one or two fresh bumpers, you might want to hurry up. That’s because the bumpers are available in a limited edition of 250 units for the Integrale version and 250 for the Evoluzione version.


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