Chopped And Swapped 1966 Datsun Sports Roadster Is Restomod Done Right

Not everyone is on board with modernized classics, or the so-called restomod projects, but once in while we come across a rejuvenated vintage car that looks absolutely stunning.

This chop-top Datsun 1600 Sports roadster is definitely this sort of as the modifications breathe new life into the classic Japanese model without ruining it. Built by Japanese Classics with inspiration from 1960s race cars, this 1966 Datsun Roadster (called Fairlady in Japan) features an array of modifications, including an engine swap.

Starting with the exterior, the most obvious changes include the tiny windshield with rounded upper corners (roughly half the height of the original part), sharpened fender flares, a lower front fascia, and fresh chrome bits, among other things.

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The choice of wheels is bold but inspired, with the Roadster riding on retro-style Work Equip wheels featuring a 4-spoke design and a matte finish with a polished deep step-lip. The paintwork is also spectacular and features a custom green hue mixed in-house at Japanese Classics.

It looks like a combination between British Racing Green and Army Green and it fits the Datsun’s clean surfaces perfectly. The interior is in red and black Relicate leather, including the custom seats and custom luggage piece behind the passengers.

Topping it all off is the engine swap which saw the stock 1.6-liter unit upgraded to an Autech SR20DE 2.0-liter power plant. No specs are available but we hope it’s the 200 PS (197 HP) version that Autech fitted to the infamous Nissan Silvia S15. This sort of power in a car as small as the NA Miata is absolute madness but you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?


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