Che Bella! 1972 Lancia Fulvia Will Make You Want To Learn Italian

There was a time when Lancia made great cars. Most of the models made decades ago are now collectibles, and this applies to the Fulvia, too, a beautiful sports car made from 1963 to 1976.

Th Fulvia was offered in three distinct body styles: Berlina (4-door), Coupe (2-door) and Sport, the latter being a distinctive model penned and built by Zagato.

The one pictured here tht’s listed by SilverstoneAuctions for the event scheduled for July 27-28 at the Silverstone track in the UK, it’s a Coupe that came to life in 1972.

Accompanied by a letter from the Lancia Motor Club, which confirms the year when it was made, as well as historic registration documents, correspondence between previous owners, old MOTs and invoices, this right-hand drive Series II model looks great inside and out. That’s because it underwent restoration in the hands of its previous owner, a process that spanned over the course of four years. The original color was white, but it was changed to red in 2017.

The 29,356 miles (47,244 km) indicated by the odometer cannot be vrified. However, the excellent overall condition provides it with an “almost Concours standard”, according to the auction house, which believes that it will sell for £30,000-£35,000 ($38,212-$44,581/€33,600-€39,200).

They could have underestimated it, though, as the Fulvias looking this good normally sell for nearly double, whereas at the opposite end of the spectrum there are those less-preserved examples fetching about €5,000 ($5,684) in Continental Europe. This one also comes from the estate of the late British motorsport legend Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams, so it could sell for even more.

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