Get A Look Inside At FCA’s Incredible New Alfa Romeo, Fiat And Lancia Heritage Museum

We’re still mourning the loss of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, but fans of classic FCA models have a new option as the automaker has opened the Heritage HUB which is designed to perverse and promote the history of the company’s Italian brands.

Located in Italy, the Heritage HUB has an exclusive display area for FCA Heritage’s Reloaded by Creators program which restores and sells classic vehicles such as this company-owned Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. The facility also has a 161,459 square foot (15,000 square meter) display area which houses more than 250 classic vehicles including some which have never been shown before.

The company bills the collection as an “educational and emotional temple” that isn’t your typical museum experience. The facility will host guided tours and the central display area has “eight thematic exhibitions, each of which highlights eight cars from different eras and brands.”

The Archistars exhibit highlights the architecture of automobiles and it prominently features a Lancia Lambda which FCA says is the “first car in the world based on a supporting unibody.” There’s also a Concept and Personalized section which features a handful of customized vehicles owned by members of the Agnelli family.

Other sections focus on eco-friendliness, racing and styling.  They feature a 1908 Fiat S61, a Lancia Aurelia B20 and a Formula 1 Lancia D50.  The Heritage HUB also includes a number of rally cars such as the Lancia Stratos HF and Fiat 124 Abarth Rally.

Of course, the Heritage HUB also features two Alfa Romeo 4C design prototypes.  Decked out in Quadrifoglio badging, the models were “meant to showcase what a possible, more aggressive version of the 4C would look like.”


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