France’s “Yellow Vests” Destroy Porsche 911, Mercedes-AMG GT, Other Luxury Cars

Some people in France don’t need a particular reason to vandalize cars. Each New Year’s Eve, the country’s capital city of Paris sets a new record for the highest number of torched cars — last year’s tally was 650.

Now, you might be aware that in certain French cities, especially Paris, there have been violent protests over the past few weeks directed against President Emmanuel Macron. Collectively known as the “yellow vests”, protesters have manifested their anger at Macron, whom they blame for rising oil prices and living costs.

The French President has raised taxes on diesel fuel in a bid to encourage the driving of less-polluting cars. In a country where the majority of cars run on diesel, that didn’t go down well with the population.

The grassroots movement, which takes its name from the high-visibility jackets all motorists in France must carry in their vehicles, has let its anger show big time. Besides fighting with the police and vandalizing shops and street furniture, they also directed their anger at cars. Not just any cars, though.

A number of them do seem to specifically target luxury cars, given that the movement sees Macron as a President for rich people, banks and corporations. In this context, leaving a car parked in a central area of Paris and other major cities these days is ill-advised. Just watch what the “yellow vests” did to a white Porsche 911 Cabriolet parked in a Paris street.

Protesters are seen hitting the car, smashing its windows and lights, and then flipping it onto its roof. We don’t know whether they set fire to the 911 afterwards, but even so, the damage was extensive. A Mercedes-AMG GT S had an even worse fate because the “yellow vests” torched it — but not before they vandalized it, of course.

Other videos show the “yellow vests” destroying a police car (no surprise there), a previous-generation Range Rover Sport with diplomatic plates, as well as setting fire to many other vehicles. It’s not a good time for cars in France, especially expensive ones…

Thanks to Christian for the tip!

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