Here’s What It’s Like To Drive And Own A Morgan 3 Wheeler

In an era where most sports cars look aggressive and menacing, Morgan’s tiny three-wheeled roadster is truly a breath of fresh air.

People who drive a Morgan 3 Wheeler don’t do it to show off or to intimidate other road users.

No, they drive it simply because it offers pleasure and bags of character. It also has a friendly appearance that reminds us of days long gone, when man and machine were much more connected that nowadays.

By now, you may have seen many reviews of the 3 Wheeler, but not that many videos that focus on the ownership experience. Thankfully, Carfection’s Alex Goy has decided to share with viewers a more personal take on the 3 Wheeler.

As the lucky owner of a purple example, the presenter knows a thing or two about the Morgan. He fell in love with the car after he drove it on the track when filming a video and knew right then and there he had to own one.

It’s a car you can’t take seriously, he says, but that’s part of the joy of it. In the video, Goy presents the exterior and interior options he chose for his car, as well as some honest reflections about it. Enjoy!

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