Watch Exterminator Remove Giant Hornets’ Nest From El Camino

An Ohio exterminator that goes by the name of “The Bee Man” on his Facebook page is likely to become a web sensation thanks to his latest video.

The chilling footage documents the removal of a giant hornets’ nest from an abandoned Chevrolet El Camino in the Youngstown area. The video went viral, gathering more than 233,000 views and 4,300 shares 22 hours after “The Bee Man” posted it.

In the video, the pest control specialist whose real name is Travis Watson is seen approaching the El Camino, which starts to look less like an abandoned car and more like the scene of a horror movie as he approaches.

A monster appears to have grown on the driver’s seat, reaching all the way to the roof as it tore through the headliner. It was a nest built by European hornets, which can measure up to 1.25 inches (32 mm) from head to tail and look like “yellowjackets on steroids,” according to insect experts at the Ohio State University.

Apparently, these super hornets can fly at night and have been reported to repeatedly fly into windows, scaring residents. Obviously, “The Bee Man” wore a protective suit during the operation, otherwise, he might not have lived to upload the video.

Watson used a blend of pesticides to get rid of the wasps and then simply proceeded to tear apart the nest. At one point during the horrifying video, he can be heard saying “I’m gonna need a bigger bag,” as the plastic grocery bag got filled with remnants. Let’s just hope none of the surviving hornets recognizes him without the protective mask.


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