Seller Chooses To Unload $1.2 Million Porsche 959 On….Craigslist

When enthusiasts are trying to find an affordable vehicle to purchase, they usually head to Craigslist first. Enthusiasts, though, don’t expect to find classic supercars like the 1988 Porsche 959 on Craigslist (via Jalopnik), but this seller decided to list his car for $1.2 million on the site.

The vehicle is on sale in Vancouver, Wash. and has just 6,323 miles on the odometer. The gorgeous machine is finished in Metallic Silver over Burgundy, Silver, and Gray. Despite being 30 years old, the 959 still looks like nothing else on the road (well, you know, aside from…any 911). And those burgundy seats with the silver, gray, and white stripes have the perfect amount of flair.

The history of the car is almost as interesting as the vehicle itself. The listing claims that the supercar is an ex-Patrick collection 959 from the UK and after running a quick VIN check on the car, we found that the same car was listed on Christie’s from 2004.

Back then the 959 was sold with just 5,300 miles, which means the supercar has only covered 1,023 miles in 14 years. Despite its low miles, the listing claims that the 959 went through a service before arriving in the U.S. That service reportedly cost $100,000.

Seeing as how a 1988 959 with 10,000 miles was priced at $1.45 million back in 2014, this is a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, meeting someone from Craigslist who’s trying to sell a $1.2 million machine is a pretty hard sell, which may have something to do with the price…

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