Honda S2000-Swapped BMW E30 Sounds Like A Match Made In Heaven

The BMW E30 platform has always been subjected to all sorts of crazy engine swaps, but some of them will always sound like a better fit ffor th the classic Bavarian model.

We think that this car, which is currently offered for sale on eBay, is one of those swaps. Stuffing a Honda S2000 engine into any car will almost automatically make it a much better performer, so having one powering the chassis of the E30 certainly sounds like a good idea.

Clearly this was not a plug-and-play conversion, especially when you notice the Honda four-pot sitting way back in the engine bay. As portrayed clearly in the images, the firewall appears to have been extensively modified in order to have the F20 engine mounted closer to the middle of the car for better weight distribution.

But the best part is that the engine is now being fed by a supercharger. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine can allegedly produce up to 450hp, with the car currently detuned to 365hp for reliability.

As you might have probably guessed, this is a track-ready monster that comes with a stripped interior, a roll cage, fully adjustable coilover suspension, plastic side windows and the list goes on. The seller says that total weight is now just 970kg (2,138lbs).

Having almost 400hp in a properly done E30 will definitely carve wide smiles to any petrolhead’s face. If you happen to live in the UK and have £15,000 (around $21k in current exchange rates) to spend on a track car, this might just do it for you.


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