It’s Not An Illusion, Obese MINI Can Eat Up To 6 Passengers

This classic Austin Mini is a long departure from the used cars that we normally cover.

However, it does have some weird modifications that cannot be ignored, such as its body, which has been widened, by approximately 2 feet (0.6m) compared to the original.

Its owner put many hours of hard work into the project, fitting it with an additional seat at the front, a wide bench at the rear, three windscreen wipers, a rebuilt 1,275cc petrol engine, married to a manual gearbox, and a full electric sunroof.

The ad posted on eBay says that the Mini runs, and there’s no rust at all, but it will still need to be trailered away, because its modifications aren’t homologated, and there’s no valid MoT to allow it to be driven on public roads.

So what can one do with such a vehicle? Well, it’s apparently “ideal for shows and advertising”, according to the vendor, who managed to attract 9 bids at the time of writing for the ‘Fat Boy’ Mini, which raised its price from £1,000 ($1,307) to £1,605.55 ($2,099).


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