The FJ Company Sport Offers A Modern Update On The Classic Land Cruiser

As its name suggests (to those in the know at least), The FJ Company has carved out a niche for itself restoring classic Toyota Land Cruisers. The thing is that, while many can appreciate the form and function of a vintage FJ, not everyone wants to drive one on a regular basis. Hence the new Sport range.

The FJ Company Sport combines an original chassis and bodywork with modern powertrain and amenities. So while it looks like a classic Land Cruiser – and is one, for all intents and purposes – it’s built to drive more like a modern one.

To accomplish the feat, the Company fits a modern fuel-injected six-cylinder engine good for 210 horsepower and mated to the customer’s choice of manual or automatic transmission with five speeds. The steering system is also upgraded, and so is the interior, including digital controls, air conditioning, sound system, seats… the works. Buyers can even spec heated seats, LED interior lighting, and a back-up camera.

That’s not the extent of the choices, though: The FJ Company makes each vehicle to order according to the buyer’s specifications, right down to the roof type, bumper style, and color combination.

Of course those who prefer can still order a classic Cruiser without the modern updates, but you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell from looking at one. See for yourself in the photos of three recent Sport builds and the video below.

Photo Gallery


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