What Would It Look Like If The Corvette C7 Went Old-School?

Retro design has had its day in the sun, but with each passing year, we see fewer throwback styles being launched and more being discontinued.

Just look at what’s become of the Mustang and the latest Jaguars and you’ll see what we mean. Still, we can’t help but wonder what a Corvette would look like if it had gone old-school.

The artists at London-based Yasid Design (whose work we’ve featured here before) evidently wondered the same, so they cooked up this latest rendering of a C7 with a more classic approach. Not just in the Stingray name, but in its design too.

The design brief actually borrows more cues from the original Camaro than it does from Vettes of yore, blending it with elements (and the overall form) of the current Plastic Fantastic. So while its American Racing-style alloys wear tall-walled tires and there’s more chrome here than you’d find at Sturgis in August, it also has the C7’s taillights (trimmed in more chrome) and sharp angles.

The result looks pretty sick to our eyes – even if retro design has run its course and Kentucky’s finest moves in a more modern direction with each passing generation.

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