BMW Remembers Third-Gen E34 5-Series, You Should Too

Launched in February 1988, the E34 5-Series went on to be one of the most reliable cars ever built by BMW.

Unlike the E28 or the E12 that came before it, the E34 was completely new from the ground up. Not only did it feature excellent safety equipment such as airbags, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, plus stability and traction control, but it was also stiffer and better at absorbing impact than any of its predecessors.

The E34 was designed with aerodynamics in mind, which is why it had an excellent drag coefficient of 0.30. That being said, you’d probably also realize the E34 was a whole different animal the second you sat behind the wheel.

Compared to older 5-Series models, it was larger and featured more high-quality materials throughout its cabin, though the styling of the cockpit was still driver-oriented.

Engine-wise, the E34 had plenty of versions for customers to choose from, starting with the 113 PS (111 HP) 518i and ending with the 286 PS (281 HP) 540i, as well as the 340 PS (335 HP) M5.

During its lifespan, the E34 5-Series was a direct rival to the Audi 100 (C4) as well as the Mercedes-Benz W124.


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