Frozen Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 Is The Ultimate Smurf

Although the BMW M4 offers more than enough performance for most people, there is an extensive aftermarket for the model, offering all manner of visual and performance-oriented upgrades. The following M4 shows some of the very best.

The most obvious change enjoyed by this particular M4 is its special matte wrap which sits on top of the already rather special Yas Marina blue paint. It maintains the same eye-catching colour of the standard paint but combines it when an improved sense of road presence and sets this M4 apart from all others we’ve seen.

Beyond the wrap, the car has been fitted with a large rear wing courtesy of RevoZport and a PSM Dynamic rear diffuser and side skirts. There are also a set of all-black HRE R101 wheels, two-way adjustable suspension from KW and Dinan sway bars and control arms.

The powertrain has also been tweaked thanks to a VF Engineering tune and an exhaust system from Akrapovic. While no power figures of the spiced-up M4 are available, it’ll certainly be enough for the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six to match the brash new looks.


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