Angry Grandpa Crashes Car Into Coke-Filled Pool Because, Why Not?

The internet is a strange and mystical place full of weird and wacky videos, none more so than this clip which recently hit our desks.

As the title aptly describes, it shows an ‘Angry Grandpa jumping with a car in Pool with 12,000 liters  or 3,170 gallons of Coca Cola. Setting aside the poor English, it’s straight and to the point, yet says nothing about why this “angry” grandpa did such a random thing.

The video opens with said man showing off a massive hole that was dug on his property. Somehow and for some reason, he decides to fill it will 12,000 liters of that fizzy, black drink.

We have no idea why or how he got his hands on so much coke or if indeed the entire pool is actually filled with coke and not supplemented with a few thousand liters of water.

Nevertheless, he proceeds to drive into the pool, again, for no obvious reason and perhaps just for the Shits n’ Gigs and internet fame.


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