19-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Torching Stranger’s Car Thinking It Was Her Ex’s

A 19-year-old woman in Florida has been arrested after she was filmed torching a white Honda Accord which she thought belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

Local police say the woman, Carmen Chamblee, faces a second-degree arson charge because of the deliberately lit fire.

In the footage released to the public, Chamblee can be seen trying to spread the fire which she set in the Accord’s trunk. She can then be seen casually strolling away as the fire begins to take hold and flames enter the cabin.

After footage of her was released online, a sheriff’s deputy from the Pinellas County near Clearwater, Florida spotted Chamblee and arrested her before she was questioned by police.

She revealed to them that she thought the Honda was owned by a former boyfriend but in reality, it was owned by a complete stranger.


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