Road Rage Biker Demonstrates Exactly Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Karma

Never mess with karma or like this stupid motorcyclist, you could embarrass and hurt yourself in front of the entire world.

Filmed somewhere in the UK, the brief video shows an infuriated motorbike rider pulling out from behind another motorist to confront them for an unknown reason.

As the rider pulls up to the driver’s side of the car, he can be seen shouting and gesticulating at the occupants, seemingly upset with something he believes the driver did wrong. That’s when things get hilarious.

While looking into the car, the rider fails to notice the traffic island he is rapidly approaching, despite glancing ahead multiple times.

As soon as he hits the island, the video shows him being thrown into the bike’s handlebars before toppling over them and hitting the pavement as his bike skids along the road.

While it isn’t known if the rider sustained any serious injuries from his dose of karma, he certainly would have left the scene with a bruised body and a battered ego.


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