First Trailer Of F1 2016 Racing Simulator Promises To Get You Hooked

Codemasters’ new F1 2016 is officially launched, promising to offer one of the most exciting and immersive F1 racing simulators ever.

The new installment now features a new career mode that aims to faithfully represent what it means to be an actual F1 driver.

That includes things like practice sessions, R&D tasks and in-session objectives and of course racing against the best drivers in the world, with the game’s AI to be more aggressive than before.

The new F1 2016 also lets you design your helmet, pick your race number and even join any team you like from the get go. New features like the manual starts or the manual pit entries definitely add to the realism while the improved graphics take full advantage of the new-gen consoles’ capabilities, promising one of the most immersive gaming experiences you’ve ever had.

Could this Formula 1 game finally be the one? Let’s wait and see.


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