Figure Eight Racing Is Like Racing Hot Wheels In Real Life

There are dangerous motorsport disciplines and then there’s the Figure 8 racing series – a purposefully perilous competition that you won’t believe it’s not banned yet.

Figure 8 is a form of banger racing which takes place on a track that intersects itself, creating a cross path pattern that forces the cars to collide with one another. Driving fast in such an event requires skill, focus, timing, distributive attention, and, most importantly, luck.

The vehicles used for racing look like normal stock cars (or Hot Wheels die-casts), but they’re actually modified to be as light and as safe as possible. In fact, a Figure 8 racer is designed and constructed to withstand T-Bones at any point during the race – since these type of “accidents” happen frequently in a series described as a high-speed game of chicken.

Needless to say, safety is a big concern in the sport, but according to Austin Tunny – World Figure 8 racing driver – “it’s not as bad as what it seems”. Tunny would like someday to see the sport going mainstream and to be publicized, saying that the series is much more entertaining to watch than NASCAR.

As some might agree with him, not many would like to see a disaster happen in the blink of an eye if one driver runs out of luck. Or skill, for that matter.

H/T to Car Throttle!


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