1932 Ford Custom “Double Down” Headed For Auction

This custom Ford could be one of the most stunning cars to cross an auction block.

Inspired by a Bonneville speed daredevil and a World War Two II fighter plane, this hot rod was designed to be the coolest car on the planet. Well, not really, as it was conceived to showcase Jet-Hot Coatings’…coating technology, and to be taken at various venues, ranging from auto-cross to ice racing.

That’s because this aggressive race-influenced automobile was apparently designed to do one thing: DRIVE – yes, with emphasis on “drive”, as its makers point out. That’s why it has humongous 28.5×14.50-16 Goodyear Eagle slicks and four wheel drive.

What? Why do you think a differential is sticking out of its grille shell for? To drive the front wheels, obviously. The built uses 95 percent of its custom parts from the racing world or “special creations”, as its AWD layout was inspired from the only other ‘32 Ford Roadster with all-wheel-drive ever made: The QuadraDeuce. Mind you, the idea alone of an AWD ’32 Ford was inspired from the aforementioned automobile, as all its underpinnings are custom made.

And no, the madness is not over yet, as the car packs a 576ci Kurt Urban-prepped, Jon Kaase Boss 9 V8 engine, which sends power to a G-Force 5-speed manual transmission. That’s 9.4-litres for those of you who are reading the article outside the U.S, which is good for approximately 900 hp – an adequate power figure to handle it around the bends.

Barret-Jackson, the auction house which will sell this magnificent automobile, says that the power-to-weight ratio of the car makes for mind-blowing 0 to 60 mph (98 km/h) accelerations. Wait, was someone brave enough to test it?


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