Michael Schumacher-Signed FXX Goes Under The Hammer

Forget the FXX K for a second and have a look at this phenomenal machine.

Just like the FXX K is the LaFerrari’s hardcore track variant, the FXX was Enzo’s circuit-munching reflection long before hyper-hybrids were a thing. In fact, its guttural V12 scream that surpasses the one produced by the newer model and can haunt your eardrums for days is the solely statement that things were much more…hardcore in the days of yore.

I’m not saying that the FXX K isn’t hardcore, but the FXX still has a mechanical-unicorn feel to it – even though it was the most technological-enhanced Ferrari of its day. It’s the Ferrari that sparked controversies and urban myths – such as the classic “Ferrari doesn’t let you keep it where you want” tale. Sure, it was heavily guarded by Ferrari and was only allowed to be driven on Ferrari approved track days, but still.

Moreover, it was developed by the Italian car maker when Michael Schumacher was an adviser at the prancing horse’s headquarters and that makes it even cooler. In fact, out of the 30 examples built, the last one was presented to the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion as a gift.

So, if you’re in the market for a track-oriented, high-end Ferrari and feel like the FXX K is too riche nouveau for you – with apologies to the current FXX K owners – you can buy the significantly cheaper underdog. Or at least try, because this very examples is scheduled to go under the hammer, at Auctionata, with a starting price of € 1,000,000 ($1,117,250).

Will it come close to the FXX K $3 million price tag? Possible, especially as the car is the last customer built #29 model and signed by Schumacher himself. Now, don’t get confused; the Ferrari is only signed by Schumy – it didn’t belonged to him. His was an all-black FXX.


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