Lewis Hamilton Most Appreciative of His 2015 Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid

If you’re racing against Lewis Hamilton right now, you probably don’t want to hear that he feels even better in his 2015 F1 F06 Hybrid than he did in last year’s title-winning car.

Lewis Hamilton won the 2014 F1 Championship by scoring 384 points in the Driver Standings. Not even Nico Rosberg was able to challenge him in the end, and he was racing in the same exact car.

Mercedes on the other hand, were even more dominant as a Constructor in the standings. They scored 701 points thanks to both of their drivers, a hefty 296 points ahead of 2nd place Red Bull.

What we can take away from that is the clear cut fact that Lewis Hamilton had a hell of a good car last year. However, that didn’t stop him from saying that he feels even happier with his car this season than he did in 2014.

“I’m happy with the car,” said Lewis. “Generally I think I’m much happier in this car this year than I was even in last year’s car. I don’t know why, I just feel more comfortable in this one. It has taken some time to work with this new team and really mould this car, in terms of braking and everything, into what I need and it’s working well now.”

Yeah, it’s working alright! As we speak, Lewis sits pretty at the top of the Driver Standings with 151 points. There’s literally no slowing him down as he’s looked consistently fast regardless of track.

“I think I’m faster this year, which is a good thing,” added Hamilton – and yes, if you’re a Mercedes fan, that has to be music to your ears.

Story references: autosport


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