Quigley Motor Shows Off Modified 4×4 Ford Transit

Quigley Motor is a company that specializes in turning vans and commercial vehicles into off-road ready vehicles by installing all-wheel drive on them. Up until now, they only dealt with Ford E-Series or equivalent GM body-on-frame models, but now that the Transit is slated to take over, they’ve had a go at modifying it.

They showed a prototype climbing a snowy hill around four months ago, but the vehicle you see in the video below is fully completed. With big wheels and extra suspension travel it looks genuinely competent, at least on par with what a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 can do straight from the factory.

The cost to convert a Ford van to all-wheel drive was just under $13,000 for an E-Series, and it used many F-Series pickup components to get the system to work. However, the Transit is radically different in layout and concept, so they’ve had to try out something new with it.

It may be priced the same or it may be more expensive, depending on what components were used and how complex the conversion is.

Check it out in action in the video below!


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