Check out This Static Preview of the New Audi TT

The first two generations of Audi TTs had their fair share of critics. The very first one was deeply polarizing, though its shape has not aged as badly as one might have thought when it was launched. The second-gen kept the rounded design theme, but infused it with the new grille that was being rolled out at the time throughout the entire range.

This all-new one tries to differentiate itself from regular Audis, and its only source of inspiration, other than the previous incarnations, is the R8. You can immediately spot this by looking at the placement of the badge up front – it now sits above the grille, on the bonnet, just like the R8, and the whole front end look only really does one thing: preview the look of the upcoming mid-engined supercar (to a degree, of course…).

WhatCar? recently uploaded two videos showcasing the new TT. Both are static, and only one features a selection of their readers prodding the car, saying what they think of it.

By Andrei Nedelea

Thanks to Cristian S for the tip!


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