McLaren P1 Program Director Details the Hypercar’s Complex Technical Side

Britain’s McLaren is known for its high-tech approach to building cars, and the P1 is without a doubt, the most complex machine they have ever built – and certainly one of the most sophisticated and extreme cars ever made by any automaker.

To better understand the clever aerodynamic and cooling features of the hypercar, EVO magazine invited McLaren P1 program director Paul Mackenzie to offer inside details on the car. The P1 is basically a car shaped by aerodynamics, with almost every square millimeter of the P1 having a role in making it more slippery and pushing it to the ground at high speeds.

This means designers had to work together very closely with aerodynamics engineers to make sure design won’t get in the way of efficiency. Still, designers were able to influence the P1’s looks in a few areas, with one of the most striking detail being the shape of the taillights.

Everything about this car screams attention to detail, from the aerodynamics, the way it is put together, the materials used and the complex hybrid powertrain.

Scroll down to learn more about the P1 from the following video.

By Dan Mihalascu


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