BMW Execs Are Delighted with the 2-Series Coupe in New Video

BMW is marketing the all-new 2-Series Coupe as a sportier, lightweight alternative to bigger coupes and that is truly something the brand really needed. Not that its predecessor, the 1-Series Coupe, didn’t provide that, but it wasn’t too convincing in the design department.

Following the release of the official photos and information, the German carmaker has now shown a new video in which it details the BMW 2-Series, particularly the M235i range-topping version.

In the first film, Domagoj Dukec, BMW head of exterior design, and Thomas Ebner, product manager of the BMW 2-Series, are talking about the main design and performance features of the car.

BMW pitches the 2-Series as a natural successor to the BMW 02 range, and talks of “supremely sporting driving experience” while referring to it. Naturally, that can only be good news for BMW enthusiasts, who will no doubt enjoy the video as it presents features like the launch control, among others.

The other clip is a short launch film. Watch booth after the break.

By Dan Mihalascu


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