Oh Russia…Lada Samara Cop Car vs. Deputy Minister’s BMW 7-Series

If you see a police car approaching you on the road with its lights and sirens on, you slow down and move to the side and let it pass through, correct?

Well, that’s the right thing to do if you’re an ordinary citizen, but some individuals in Russia, like drivers of high-ranking government officials, think that they’re above the law, the police and everybody else, for that matter.

A black BMW 7-Series limo registered to Russia’s Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov was captured on film wrangling with a Lada Samara (known as the VAZ-2114 in Russia) police car on the Moscow ring road on Tuesday, November 13.

The two drivers were trying to get into the same lane. After a short stand off, the BMW saloon finally came out as the winner. Russian media reported that the driver was acting alone as Zubov was reportedly on a business trip.


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