Scoop: Ferrari’s Enzo Replacing F70 Hypercar Filmed Howling Around Maranello

It has been a long time for Ferrari to be without a flagship hypercar – eight years to be precise, since production of the Enzo ended in 2004, but the Italians are getting ready to return to the category they helped forge.

Before the end of the year, we’ll have the opportunity to see Ferrari’s next magical automotive creation, currently codenamed F70, in all its glory, but for now, YouTube user Souvlaki57 shared a video of a prototype model he captured on the move in the streets of Maranello in Italy.

The sounds you hear from the test car are sourced from a new hybrid powerplant that links a 7.3-liter V12 naturally aspirated V12 producing around 800-horses to a dual-clutch transmission and a pair of electric motors rated at about 120hp for a total system output in excess of 900hp.

With this kind of power, we wouldn’t be surprised if the F70 pushed aside the Bugatti Veyron as the world’s fastest production car.

The F70 is believed to make use of super light materials to keep the car’s weight down, while it will also employ a suite of active aerodynamic components and air ducts.

Kudos to Bruno for the video find!


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