Lancia’s 2011 New Year Greeting Card Teases 2012 Ypsilon, Announces Two More New Models

In a surprise move, Lancia literally outlined its forthcoming 2012 Ypsilon supermini through an animated New Year’s greeting card posted on a special minisite. And if that’s not enough news for you, the chalk-like drawings were accompanied by a teaser message that reads, “A new horizon, three new Lancia models”.

The Italian firm did not elaborate on what these models are, however, we beleive that aside from the five-door Ypsilon, which is scheduled to arrive in European dealerships next summer, the other two vehicles will be based on Chrysler models. In particular, the new 300 full size sedan as the Thema flagship, and either the 200 mid-size sedan or the Town and Country, the latter as a replacement for the Phedra MPV.

It has been reported that in order to keep costs down, the Lancia models will be rebadged versions of their Chrysler counterparts with some minor styling tweaks, such as the front grille, exterior and interior trim, and bumper designs. Expect more news on the matter in early 2011.


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